Registration Day

On August 9th, we will have an open House, STEM, and Title 1 Night beginning at 5 pm.  Meeting begins at 6 pm.  Scavenger Hunt with prizes will be given away.  We would love to meet you.

On October 29th, we will have a Fall Festival with food, games, and auction.  Please come out to have a fun filled night with us.  The games and food begin at 5 pm with auction at 7 pm.

On November 11, Parents are encouraged to come to parent teacher night.  Due to COVID concerns, if you wish to have a telephone or zoom meeting, please reach out to your child's teacher to set up an appointed time to speak.  Regular times to meet with teachers at the school are 3 pm - 6 pm.

On November 18th, we will be hosting a Fall into Reading Night along with the opening of the Book Fair in the Library.  Due to COVID concerns, we have made arrangements to have a virtual reading night also for students to participate  with STORYLINEONLINE.  Information will be sent home and all students participating will receive a prize.  Flyers with information on the Book Fair will also be sent home.